Q & A

Q: What do you charge? A: Our rates are $21 per hour/$57 all day for each boat.

Q: Do you provide life jackets? A: We have life jackets for infants through adults which are included in the rental.

Q: Can we take our dog? A: Dogs are welcome, but we don’t provide life jackets for them.

Q: We would like to do a cleanup on Barton Creek and Lady Bird Lake.  Can you provide boats for us? A. Please contact our Community Outreach Coordinator at boatszilkerpark@gmail.com.   

Q: Can we bring a cooler? A: Coolers are welcome. Alcohol is not. Boating and intoxication are not a good mix.

Q: Why don’t you take reservations? A: Reservations are not necessary if you or your group come at a non peak time, weekday or soon after our opening time on a weekend.

Q: No discounts at all? A: We have a two-for-one coupon at Gifts and Discounts.

Q: Can we buy gift certificates? A: Gift certificates can be bought online by visiting our “Gifts and Discounts” Page.

Q: Why are you so rigid on your load limits?  A: The load limits have nothing to do with weight. Our limit of two adults and two small children allows for one adult rescuer for each child in case of an accident. Our limit of three adults is based on our experience that the more persons shifting weight in the canoe, the greater the chance that the canoe will tip.