We have 15′ Osagian canoes with a center seat.  Both our one man and tandem kayaks are made by Jackson with molded seat backs. Our SUPs are made by Glide.


  1. You must have the ability to enter and exit the craft independently or with the assistance of a companion.
  2. You must have the ability to remain seated and balanced, using adaptive support if necessary. Adaptive support should affect neither the integrity nor the stability of the craft.
  3. At least one person in the canoe must have the ability to move it through the water in a stable manner and return it back to the launch area.
  4. In the event of a capsize, canoeists must have:
  • Independent ability to get out from under the craft.
  • Ability to right themselves and remain face up in the water with the aid of an age-appropriate PFD.

Because there isn’t a dock along the creek (because of environmental sensitivity), the best way to enter the canoe or kayak is with it parallel to the shore. Make sure that you stay low to keep the boat stable.


Adult Waiver

Child Permission

We have operated since 1969 without requiring waivers, but now, that has changed. Our insurance company is requiring a waiver for everyone who rides in our boats. You can save time by printing the waivers from this web site and having them ready when you’re ready to rent. Print a waiver for each person who is going in the boat.